Švédsko je v čele ve vývozu zbraní na osobu

Švédsko je v čele ve vývozu zbraní na osobu

Švedové prodávají nejvíc zbraní na osobu na celém světě. Nová studie ukazuje, že Švédsko je znovu na vrcholku seznamu vývozu zbraní na hlavu za rok 2011, těsně před Izraelem.

– I find it deplorable that Swedes are once again at the top of the list of those who sell most arms in the world, says Anna Ek, president of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society.

The study, which was compiled by the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, is based on new statistics for the international arms trade that was presented today by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI. In absolute numbers, Sweden placed ninth in 2011 on the list for ”major conventional weapons.” In the past five years, the total world trade in arms increased by 24 per cent, according to SIPRI.

– Today’s arms export sows the seeds of tomorrow’s conflicts. The world needs fewer, not more arms. Sweden should work for a reduction of Swedish and international arms trade, says Anna Ek.

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