Promítání filmu „The Square“ s diskusí, 25. 1. 2019

(English below) Při příležitosti 8. výročí vypuknutí revoluce na náměstí Tahrir Vás zveme na promítání dokumentu „The Square“, který zachycuje události, které dodnes ovlivňují egyptskou společnost. Akci společně pořádají Egyptian Front For Human Rights, NESEHNUTÍ, Amnesty International ČR a Tři ocásci. Po promítání bude následovat diskuse o lidských právech a situaci v Egyptě s Kareemem […]

Militarisation of Youth in the Czech Republic

As part of the International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth, we conducted this interview with Petra Frühbauerová who works for the NGO NaZemi (link is external), focusing on global education. Petra is part of the team preparing a permanent conference of educational associations on the way young people’s education in the Czech […]

Document: Report on Czech Exports of Arms and Military Equipment in 2014

Report on czech arms exports in 2014 prepared for European Network Against Arms Trade. Download PDF in English (1.1 MB)

Arms Trade for beginners – A Handbook for Volunteers

The purpose of this handbook is to provide basic information to volunteers and activists who would like to know more about the issues surrounding the arms trade and possibly campaign on the subject. We consider the global arms trade to be the main cause of human suffering and misery in a large part of the […]

European Union must end its military support for Israel

Press Release of European Network Against Arms Trade from 22nd of July 2014 As the conflict in the Gaza Strip continues to escalate, and the body count continues to increase the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) has called for an immediate end to all European military support for Israel and for the EU to […]

Open letter of NESEHNUTÍ regarding the export of Czech handguns and ammo to Egypt

Brno, Czech republic, 16. April 2014 Open letter of NESEHNUTÍ to the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Jan Mládek, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lubomír Zaorálek, regarding the export of Czech handguns and ammunition to the Egyptian police force For the attention of: Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr […]

Czech handguns for the Egyptian police – a bad joke?

Czech arms factory plans to export 29,000 CZ-75 handguns to the Egyptian police to conclude a vast order order from last year when it supplied 50,000 of these handguns before the start of the August massacres. Another Czech firm, Sellier & Bellot, aims to sell 10 million pieces of 9mm ammunition to Egypt. As usual […]

Export of Czech Arms to Egypt violates EU embargo

Press Release NESEHNUTI, 20 February 2014 According to information published recently by the media, the Czech Republic plans to export guns and ammunition and deliver them to the Egyptian police. Rights group NESEHNUTÍ warns that this contradicts the opinion of the EU Council, requiring the member states to stop export of arms to Egypt. This […]

Document: Country Report on Czech Arms Exports in 2011

Report on czech arms exports in 2011 prepared for European Network Against Arms Trade. Download PDF in English (1 MB)

Czech arms exports

Although the Czech Republic does not belong to the biggest arms producers and exporters in the world, it has long been exporting arms and other military material to „problematic countries“, which are characterised by dictatorial regimes, severe abuses of human rights (Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Equatorial Guinea), or to countries, where there is a high risk that the weaponry or arms will help escalate international or domestic conflicts (Georgia, Sri Lanka). NESEHNUTÍ is monitoring the Czech arms export to these “problematic countries” and tries to increase public awareness and initiate a public discussion on this topic in order to stop this shameful practice.

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